EnduRacers / Koda Factory partnership

Its with great pleasure that I announce a partnership between  one of the best modding teams in the rFactor community :
EnduRacers Modding Team

Some of my skins will be feature in the most anticipated service pack 1 for their popular Endurance Series mod.

For more information about the modding team and the mod:

6 thoughts on “EnduRacers / Koda Factory partnership”

  1. That's great news Alex – I'm really pleased for all involved.

    It'll certainly make a great mod even greater!

  2. wow, that's really cool… congratulations

    This mean that Enduraces will have a 2009 season's skins too (like happened for your ALMS 09 add-on). Wow, added another year to a great mod

  3. I agree Alex. Your quality is certainly on the same level as theirs, and its a smart move by both of you. Looking forward to SP1 and more from both of you!

  4. i already installed some of these skins (alms 2009 pack), will it be okay to install sp1 over it?

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