Month: November 2008

New Forum

New Forum : Up and running 🙂

Need to register again
sorry for any inconvenience


I’m trying to put together a forum to share some ideas, projects, etc…
Want to participate?
Hope to see you there!


BMW Z4 w.i.p. : GTREvo

A skin dedicated to a friend who “doesn’t like repeated skins”… 😛
It will be released in a pack very soon.

Radicals SR3 : GTREvolution

Old skins for a new Sim
Did these about a year ago for rFactor,
now is the time to put them in GTREvolution.

GTREvo Z4 skins

Z4 team Rac : Colin Turkington
Z4 Btcc 50 years : Andy Rouse

Apart from few cars from VLN, I didn’t find many “real” Z4 to paint.
So, I decided to paint some cars (fictional) for GTREvo, because I love this model! 🙂
Hope you like them… real soon…

BMW Z4 VLN Skins : GTREvo

BMW Z4 VLN skins : 2 teams, 3 skins

  • Dörr-Motorsport (Black edition)
  • Dörr-Motorsport (White edition)
  • Schubert-Motorsport


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