Endurance Series Mod : rFactor

Endurance Series Mod Released


  • – 11 Brand new 3D models from 2006 to 2008 from ALMS and LMS championships, with accurate shapes and aero configurations and high detail cockpits.
    – All the cars skins from 2006 to 2008 seasons of ALMS, LMS, Le Mans and FIA GT Championships available in high/low detail.
    – Helmet and Driving suits of each Team.
    – Pitcrew suits for each Team.
    – Several graphic details added for more realism and to feel the “endurance spirit” better.
    – Specific UI Data menu textures, using modern showroom by Maciex.
    – Realistic sounds for all cars using real onboard & exterior recording sounds samples, and with a completely new development philosophy. Thanks to several real racing teams for their collaboration.
    – Very accurate physics, created in collaboration with Gentlemen Racers physics team, with help from real teams and drivers.
    – Physics validated with telemetry and real drivers, up to date specific
    – 1.250 optimisations (tyres wear curves, pit menu,…).
    – Specific real endurance racing physics settings : tyres choices, fuel consumption, aero configurations, traction control use, engine mapping configurations,…
    – Driver swap support.
    – Realistic pit crew menu configuration.
    – FFB upgrades to choose your preferred steering force, see following paragraph to have optimum settings for FFB.
    – Real Feel FFB and Leo FFB support (see readme for tested setups).
    – Advanced damages.

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