Sebring 2010 ALMS

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  1. Oh no, I didn't look at bsim, I made the risi and the risi Krohn, If I knew I wouldn't have made these cars.
    Which other cars are you preparing?
    I did the 61-62-63 trg

  2. Sure, I know there's no copyright, but as I know your cars are masterpiece, is better for me don't waste my time in skinning them two times there are still a lot of cars to do, while of course if you would remake my cars you're free and welcome, because you're one of the best skinner:)
    Yes I enjoyed skinning but I enjoy more in playing, so with a bit of coordination we could field the grid quickly and this is my aim:)

    Do you have the grid prototype mod with the oreca FLM?

    bye giaserg

  3. Thats the "major issue" :
    We are doing it for different sims (you are working on GTR2 and I rFactor) so, you have more models available to fill the whole grid even if some models are available for both sims .
    Anyway, I have almost all the GT2 skins done, except the #40 & #75.

  4. Hello,the screen and skin is superb,but i have some question for you.
    The BMW E92 GT2 is for rFactor or GTR2?
    Where i can found the Car?
    Greatzzz! Bye!

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