11 thoughts on “BMW Motorsport skin : rFactor”

  1. Hiya,

    I’m a big fan of your work through RFC. I was wordering if your 3DS scenes for the BMW are available for download anywhere?

    I’d like to render my skins with it, so I thought I’d check.


  2. Thanks. I have Max6 with Brazil, but I’m missing all that stuff I posted in that link. :/

  3. I made it work with Max 8. Looks great.

    Any quick tips on how to get the background really white like in this post? Mine looks a little gray.

  4. Hey I have been racing with your skins for a while now and just started doing a ton of my own E90 skins.
    Is there an up-to-date linke for that scene (im looking at "buying" 3ds max) or could you render some skins for me (id be willing to donate)?

    Let me know on here or mxgrfx@gmail.com


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