Gigawave Motorsport : GTREvolution

My version of the DBR9 Gigawave Motorsport that runs in FIA-GT 2008
(My first skin for GTREvolution :D)

3 thoughts on “Gigawave Motorsport : GTREvolution”

  1. Lovely cars! GTR Evolution?!! Your better half will have kittens when she discovers you bought EVO! :-O

    And I see you have a new clock, it actually looks more dated than the old one?! Which is curious . . .

  2. hehe I ask her gently 🙂
    Great game!Only missed your favorite car atm (Porches)!!!

    You like the old clock better???
    (you have eagle eyes) 😀

  3. Why did your better half leave heaven? And has she got a sister?!

    The other clock was really cool but this one is cool too and so retro! 🙂

    If you are having trouble with Porsches,large fields and lag you need the high texture low poly diet! In your PLR file there are two graphic override options that have a dramatic effect. Normally you can’t use low polys and high textures together,but by simply changing the texture overrides you can set the player detail to medium or low in the menu and still have full textures! It’s a very useful tweak.

    The lines are:

    Player Detail=”2″
    Player Texture Override=”3″ // For player’s vehicle textures: -1=use Player Detail, 0-3=override value
    Opponent Detail=”2″
    Opponent Texture Override=”3″

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