C6 NAGT skin : rFactor

C6 Kissling Motorsport skin for NAGT mod.

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  1. Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 4:44 pm Post subject:


    There is not a real life series called ‘NAGT’. NAGT is our moniker for the sim series, done for legal reasons.

    The real series is found at the link above. We modeled the Speed World Challenge GT series, but there is also the Speed World Challenge Touring.

    Other sites with good photos…


    For even more photos, you can also check in the forums at the Speed World Challenge website, and also check the teams page for the team websites.

    BTW…if anyone does some real paintschemes from the series, please ping me! We’d like to post all of those for people to download (with credit, of course).

    »» jan kohl ««
    = http://www.theuspits.com =


  2. lol Snowy,
    That is what you get when you are unemployed(lots of free time);)

    @EUROSTC :
    Hi m8 🙂
    Now, Im really confused…arent the Speed World 2008 skins in the mod??
    Cheers guys

  3. not quite the original paint jobs and or sponsors….some are close ,

    Jan did not want to release a Full
    Mod with all Speed GT names and sponsors , so that there were no legal issues…


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