BTWC 2008 : Released

My great friend Snowy, as done it again…:)
BTWC 2008 is here!
You need RaceX mod and the new Vectra from Locke.
Be sure you read the “read me” 🙂
Download BTWC 2008 for RaceX

Thank you Snowy .
Special thanks to Eurostc and Audir8fan for their invaluable
contributions to this addon.

6 thoughts on “BTWC 2008 : Released”

  1. Hi Alex 🙂

    I have uploaded a conversion for Slim Jim’s WTCC. It looks real good with Aivengo’s graphics and is a challenging drive with Locke’s physics. It’s the best of both worlds. 🙂

  2. Good Work , !!!!!!!

    Should see it in GTR2 !!!!

    I need that Slim Jim version as well…..!!!!!

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