BTWC 2008 for rFactor

The season is warming up… you can expect all the cars skins from Snowy and I.
I´ll keep you informed… have a great BTWC races!!!

12 thoughts on “BTWC 2008 for rFactor”

  1. man.. I can’t wait fro the 2008 season to start….!!

    I also rate the BTWC 2007 for RFactor and UKTour 2007 for GTR2
    as the best addon’s from last year…!!

  2. Cool, 🙂 The 2008 season or perhaps the 2007 and adding 2008 cars as more photos and resource material becomes available?

  3. Hi

    I´m from Portugal. My Team (PTCC Modding Team) have one little project. Is Called PTCC Mod.
    For now is only in Beta. I see your great skin over the net if you want to help us in the paint please contact us.

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