Galp SR3

Telefonica SR3

Santander SR3

Portugal Telecom SR3

Nokia SR3

Martini SR3

Jack Daniels SR3

Castrol SR3

Burago SR3

Allianz SR3

Adidas SR3

Radical SkinPack

15 thoughts on “Radicals”

  1. Alex,

    I’ve got a friend who’s using your rFactor AGIP skin for inspiration as well. Would you be able to do an AGIP skin for GTR-Evo?

    Also, do you have a link for donations or some such? Can’t rip off your work without giving something back. 🙂


  2. hey there,

    Alex, i ve just seen your redbull radical skin on virtualr.net, but its not available here. Isnr it available anymore? thanks in advance. And keep up the good work!

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